Friday, November 20, 2009

'say yes to the dress??'

every morning, i visit j.crew.  for those who know me very well, know i'm not joking around. 

e v e r y   m o r n i n g.

but i really never get too far past the sale section.  however, with a few new engagements popping up lately, i thought i'd check out the wedding section. this morning, j.crew's 2010 spring wedding lookbook was waiting for me. i flipped through and to cut to the chase - j.crew does it again with the bridesmaid dresses but the actual wedding dresses get a big, fat 'wahhh wahhh.' no dice, bridies.

all i see is princess leia in this one

now here is an assymetrical dress i can get down with.  oh and the girly lace!

i'm sure this bride imagined wearing a parachute down the aisle

mi amor the haphazard bowtie detail

in 2000, i think a few friends wore this gal to our senior prom

the pleats pull you all the right places. necklace is a must too

yeah, no, not doing it for me either.

the classic bridesmaid dress.  and the neutral color palette that this dress comes in...i die.

ok, so i loved one.  it's the pearls. gets me everytime.

on a sidebar...

miss ashley clark -
can't wait to say 'yes to the dress' tomorrow. i'll bring my own box of tissues to kleinfeld's.

miss kerri escobedo -
living my dream. engaged one night and off to paris the next day. ohhh, to be you!

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