Tuesday, November 03, 2009


i know these kids didn't pick these outfits themselves...or did they?  wouldn't surprise me.  talk about some fashionable youngsters.  go ahead and add these get-ups to your style files.  no one will know if your outfit was inspired by a 4th grader.   one day the major labels will realize the clothes they design for kids would love to grace our closets too.

any of you little tykes up for adoption?  i know sis and i could make ourselves available to you.

(photo credits - blogshopittome.com, fashionablepeople.files.wordpress.com, fashionbyfrium.com, gap.com, jcrew.com, kidfashion.about.com, minihipter.com, pedestrian.tv, projectsaccess.atlanta.com, superbeautified.com,)

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