Tuesday, March 16, 2010

head gear

with the warm weather fast approaching, it's almost about time to retire my favorite accessory with my second favorite accessory - headbands.  i love how this iconic staple from my childhood can still easily transform a bad hair day into that "check me out, i'm all cleaned up and fresh and too cute" look.  for us blondies out there, it also hids our not-so-subtle peeping roots. the headband possibilities are endless - from tortoise shell to glittery sparkles to classic pearls to metallic studs and so on.  how's a girl to choose?

here's just a few of my favorites that should be in my shopping cart shortly.

nothing says sweet and sophisticated like diamond bows and silk flowers - available at anthropologie

these handmade beauties are all available on etsy

one of my favorite dc bloggers is selling her craftiness at taza shop

sometimes simple is best - pick up yours at ulta

you can never go wrong with classic a burberry

go for 20s vintage at nordstrom

and jcrew does it right with pink and grey this spring

let's shop!

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