Wednesday, February 03, 2010

tip top TIGHT

anyone who knows me, knows that i have a certain fancy for tights. and no, we're not talking about those opaque nude ones that your granny wears. we're talking about fashionista tights, ladies, that give your outfit that little bit of oomph in this dreary winter weather.

my affection started when i was young. i wore pink and white tights just about everyday to preschool, hoping i could catch the eye of my neighborhood crush (and it worked).  through the years, my taste has progressed quite a bit.  these days, i'm crooning for anything with sparkles of glitter, intricate patterns, dainty lace and especially pairs that show of a color pop.  test out my theory and go snag a few pairs - you might snag a lobster in the process.

anthropologie: loving the color i was talking about and girly designs 

betsey johnson: wear your heart on your legs this valentine's day

bananas for bloomingdale's

asos: this is my ultimate favorite pair...make it yours too

modcloth: trouser socks turned into tights. now if only we didn't have to wear shoes

perfect way to dress up that lbd by shopbop

and urban outfitters: for those nights you're feeling soho chic

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