Tuesday, February 16, 2010

boy meets world

when i heard my best friend was in labor on early saturday afternoon, i was walking down 7th avenue on my way home.  i'm talking to one of the other best friends of our childhood quad when she breaks the news that our girl has been admitted and the little guy is on the way.  i'm briskly walking, asking a million questions a minute, trying to manage my valentine packages, avoiding ice patches and when i got to my door, unexpected dual teardrops roll down my cheeks. our best friend was going to be a mom in the next few hours. we always knew she would be the first...and yet, it's here and i can't believe our family is growing.

when i knew she only had about an hour to go, all i could think was, "this kid is so lucky to have them as parents." they are the perfect duo with a perfect outlook on life, yet without a perfect plan (and that's just the way they like it). and now, most definitely, with a perfect lil man. 

welcome sam...february just got a whole lot sweeter. 

and if i wasn't baby crazy before, BE can confirm it for you now. but he might just be too...the boy is determined to make a...well, i'll say unique influence on sir sam.  stay tuned, brownies.

the stork has also made and will be making a few other special deliveries.  congratulations jordan. can't wait to meet your sweet babe, kristina.

(photo credit - flickr.com)

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