Thursday, February 04, 2010

happy birthday again, my sweet sis

now here comes the real fun,
we put together a little video of all the things you've done.

to sum it up, us sisses would be lost without you,
now sit back, relax and enjoy your little preview.


  1. well, this little gem just made my day! Kelly, guys are too cute for words. And birthday girl, I love to love you, too. xoxo

  2. Please forgive the spelling error. It's going to drive me nuts. It was veryyyyy late when I was making this...

  3. you crazy sisses - i love you two so much! i have two favorite parts:

    1. sis's girl crush on amber. can't wait to watch the teen mom reunion.
    2. meg's spawn with johnny depp. true - only a mother could love a child with that face.
    boom. roasted.

    can't wait to get home and HEART ON YOU TWO!!!

  4. Oh little BESTIES! How I adore you, your video and Big Sis. When can we do NYC again?!?! xoxox

  5. OMG. I don't know that I've laughed that hard in awhile!! Too.Funny. I love the "girl-crush".... and the "communication" skills of teen mom. Katie, you are one lucky girly girl to have such aw-some sisters!!

    Love you, babe... <3