Wednesday, February 17, 2010


we're flattered you men out there think we have good style. you'd be surprised to see what i wear to work everyday and the word 'chic' is the last thing that comes to mind.  and sis wouldn't exactly call herself a 'fashionista' these days.  given that, again, we're so flattered you're turning to us for a little fashion help. 

so first, we're turning out what we think are examples of good male style for the everyday man.   we're talking things we would like to see you in on an average day.  or at least aspire to pull off.

next up, we're including THE everyday essentials for your closet.

patagonia jacket
the new north face and just right. and on sale for cheap.

we vote jack.

chambray all the way.
if you think you got it, pair with khakis.

no other acceptable footwear come summertime

j.crew broken-in t-shirts
the softest, most comfortable t-shirt out there

worn-in-in-all-the-right-places jeans
we would recommend these.  BE certified.

suede zip up jerseys
works for the office or the bar.  sold out at j.crew now. but keep checking the sale section or other retailers.

waffleknit thermals.
you've been wearing them since high school and we still love it paired with the shortsleeve tee on top.

skip the pennies though.  these will work.

the baseball tee.
another crowd pleaser. and cheap too.

chronograph watch
so you're never late.

anything with elbow patches.
the extra effort goes a long way.

button-down plaid shirts.
remember? and roll up the cuffs, please.

and when all else fails...
it's key. yes, you will probably be on fire but you will look hot.

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