Thursday, February 25, 2010

two sisses. one conclusion.

and make that the same exact sentiment.
real conversation between us earlier this afternoon:

katie (2:58:08 PM): i love cottage cheese
kelly (2:58:12 PM): ditto
katie (2:58:15 PM): not on the thighs
kelly (2:58:16 PM): just not on my a$$ or legs
kelly (2:58:19 PM): hahahaahah
katie (2:58:20 PM): or the rump
kelly (2:58:27 PM): same humor sis
katie (2:58:30 PM): but in a bowl with cantalope and blueberries
katie (2:58:36 PM): we should put this in a post
katie (2:58:42 PM): you know your sisses when...
kelly (2:58:47 PM): and be like look at the time stamp
kelly (2:58:51 PM): 1 second apart
katie (3:01:51 PM): should i do an image of cc or twins
kelly (3:01:57 PM): haha
kelly (3:01:59 PM): hmmm
kelly (3:02:04 PM): cc
katie (3:02:22 PM): i wish i could find a pic of twins eating cc
kelly (3:02:59 PM): found one!!
kelly (3:03:01 PM):
katie (3:03:49 PM): oh my god no
kelly (3:03:57 PM): hahaha im joking

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  1. I love all the food!! Yum-yum.

    BTW - the blog is so cute. :)