Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sassy pants

**disclaimer to our 5 male readers - do not read this post.  we'd like to keep this a secret amongst us ladies **

earlier this week, i visited my hairdresser.  we covered all the basics while she bleached out my goldilocks -  work, friends, weekend plans, relationships - then, she asks me:

s: "have you ever heard of the book why men love bitche$?" 
k: "no, but i have heard of the theory that men love crazy bitche$."
s: "you have to read it. i've given it to two of my girlfriends and they're both married now. let me go get it for you."

so as she is stripping the color out of my hair, i start skimming through the book.  i think, "alright, i can do this - i can be a not-nice girl. peg would be proud."  the author, sherry argov, shares that you don't want to go out of your way to be deliberately be mean, but rather, be strong and independent. she lists 100 attraction principles that all basically add up to one strong idea - stop being so nice. do what you want, the men will follow. never chase a man.

here are just a few of sherry's pointers:
  • don't hold him to a checklist or he will resent it.  let him be who he is and see if that matches you
  • choose to be with your man, don't need be with him
  • please yourself first, not him
  • don't nag because he will tune you out.  speak with your actions instead
  • don't accept accept mistreatment and you will keep his respect
  • the most attractive quality = dignity
  • anytime a woman competes with another woman, she loses
  • anything a person chases in life runs away
  • truly strong people don’t explain why they want respect - they simply don’t bother with someone who doesn't offer it in return 
  • stand tall and hold your own financially
  • a little distance and self-control works wonders 
i left the hair salon that night wondering, "is there an app for this?" how great would it be the next time a gal is on a date, she can whip out these tips and give herself a little pep talk. i've looked into this and there is no app - but amazon is offering a pretty good deal on the hard copy.

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  1. Haha! A high school friend of mine (married) gave me this book in college! It's TOO funny! I especially love the part about not cooking for a guy (of course I had already done that early on). Instead, it suggests serving up some burnt hot dogs with tooth picks and mustard! GROSS!