Wednesday, March 17, 2010

mean green

i've never really been too fond of the color green.  oprah loves it but i just am not a huge fan.  i think it goes back to middle or high school when some kid told me the color meant a certain something...anyone remember what i'm talking about? 

i don't really have a whole lot of green going in my life. the fridge is slacking in the greens department.  my closet maybe contains 3 true green pieces. although, i do try to practice a green lifestyle.  and i do appreciate certain greens when decorating. 

so yeah, anyway, in honor of the irish, we have to get a little green on the blog today. i give you my favorite touches of just the right amount of green.

see you at the bar.  happy st. patrick's days, friends.

(photo credits -,,, and some other great images in my design files that i never sorry!)

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