Thursday, March 18, 2010


not to long ago, i was having a little convo with one of my mIDOLS (translate: mom idols) - yes, janet, that would be you.  she was asking for a little guidance while shopping so that putting together an outfit becomes almost effortless. my simple answer - it's all about great basics.

it definitely took me awhile to figure out what great basics truly are.  let's remember - it was not too long ago when i would drop a quarter of my paycheck at forever 21.  yeah, be glad those days are gone for the sake of my wallet and your eyesight.

so here's my first suggestion for a great staple to add to your wardrobe - the casual, yet sophisticated blazer. i thought this trend was going to fade out after fall but then i spotted it in winter lines. and now i believe it's here to stay for spring too.

my recommendations...

BE picked up the anthropologie's troisieme blazer for me...nice work, boytoy.
it's actually more of a charcoal gray than it appears online...the lil puff at the shoulders adds just the right touch of femininity that i adore.

i was really nervous to purchase j.crew's zoey blazer given that it was listed in the dreaded final sale section.  but i couldn't be more pleased upon the jacket's arrival today.  it's very lightweight, runs true to size, and the price is hard to deny.

so get to blazin', ladies...i think you'll agree.

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  1. Katie, my Katie. I hang on every word of your fashion advice! I have already purchased a J. Crew striped t-shirt exactly like the one you were wearing when we first consulted. You will also be pleased to know that my wardrobe now includes two pair of adorable flats and a chambray blouse. I scoped out necklaces at Anthropologie but could not exactly mimic yours and was too paralyzed to buy something of my own selection........ (pathetic really, I know) Anyhoo - I'm off to J. Crew on-line to order a zoey jacket if the price is really that right. Take your position seriously! I am. xo

    March 20, 2010 7:58 PM

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