Monday, August 23, 2010

fan mail: recipe success

being a soon-to-be-housewife, my friend kim, has been channeling her inner-chef and cooking up recipes from because sis said so for her fiance.  last night she did her own rendition of deconstructed chicken with spinach, goat cheese and pinenuts. here she is in her own words:

"thanks so much for your inspiration.  last night david and i loved the dish, and i'm excited to share it and make it again!!  not only have you gotten me over my fear of risotto, you gave me a recipe that even my dad (the simplest/pickiest of eaters) loved but the foodies in david and i loved as well!!!  i only changed it by making what we can call a "deconstructed stuffed chicken with a simple risotto." i followed the recipe exactly, except substituted fresh chopped spinach, and topped it all with toasted pine nuts, because david and i love them!  my picture isn't that pretty because i made the goat cheese patties too thin and the panko was trying to detach, but i saved it and the crunch was still there!!

thanks so much kell!  you're a great chef and i can't wait to try more of your recipes!!! :) oh yeah...i don't know if you watch "hell's kitchen" but david immediately said...."that's nice that risotto" just like chef ramsey!!! haha"

kim kim - hearing about your recipe success makes me want to jog the whole way from arlington to chantilly just to give you a a big sweaty hug. i just love the fact that you were able to take things into your own hands and get creative. keep up the good work.

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