Thursday, August 19, 2010

the "i'm not on a diet" enchilada

yello. i'm gorgeous.

today is thursday. the last time i blogged was sunday. please consider taking the following excuses as an explanation. 
  1. i joined a gym on monday. between the 6pm elliptical sessions and 6am spinning classes, food hasn't been on my mind. cellulite has.
  2. i've been preparing for my trip to the hamptons this weekend with sis (aka spending my free time picking out the perfect outfits)
  3. meagan (roommate) has become the new domestic goddess of the house
all in fact, are true. meagan has really stepped up her game this week and prepared most (all) of the meals. let's take a quick recap. 

we started off monday with a grilled steak seasoned with bobby flay's signature rub. i whipped up buttermilk garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach with tomatoes and garlic for side dishes. 

tuesday i roasted a whole chicken with a chipotle chili rub and meagan made trader joe's red quinoa and black bean salad with cilantro dressing. all the ingredients for the salad can be bought at trader joe's, including the bottled dressing. roasting a chicken is easy - clean, rinse and dry a 5 lb chicken. place on roasting pan and drizzle evoo all over chicken, including under the skin. using your hands, rub chili rub all over chicken. do this liberally. cook for 1.5 hours at 425 degrees. 

last night was the best night by far. meagan made smokey cheese enchiladas with red rice and beans. with over 3 pounds of cheese in the recipe, this wasn't a night for dieting. it was a night of seizing the moment. when someone puts a casserole dish full of goey, cheesy mexican deliciousness in front of you- you seize the moment and eat them. just look at the picture - you'll go weak in the knees too.

so i leave you this week with some great recipes to try and a promise to be better about blogging next week. i must sign off now to keep an eye on my 70+ bus driver taking me to the city...aka keep checking him for a pulse.

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  1. you neglected to include the few adjustements i made. as i am becoming a "top chef", i have learned how to adjust the recipes to my own taste. ohh well-i'm just here for a good time, not a long time.