Friday, July 16, 2010

cheers to you

but one more thing to my sis.

you're the little sister and i'm the big sister and for me, it never feels like that.  you take care of me in a way that makes me feel so special and so lucky to call you all my own.  you are there for me when i don't even realize that i need help and you make me want to shoot for the stars and never give up.  you remind me what true friendship is all about and how privileged we are not only to be sisters but best friends.  it's pretty darn amazing.

i know i talked to you many times yesterday and said i hope all your birthday wishes come true.  i've got a little secret for you - this is where it all starts happening.  something about 25 is so scary yet so pivotal - all wrapped into one year.  it's gonna be a good one for you.  and i'm right by your side, cheering you on all the way.  love you so.

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