Sunday, June 13, 2010

lights out?

keeping up with a blog is much like a being in a new relationship. in the beginning, everything is so bright and cheery.  you have so much to talk about with each other. each day is an exciting new adventure. the laughs never slow down.  then you get close to the one year mark and reality sets in. to keep the thing going or commit head on?

there's no hiding it and you know it - we have been capital m to the capital i to the capital a.  we've got some great excuses - moving into a new home sweet home, wedding weekends, traveling across the country, work woes - you name it and we've done it over the past month.  but at the end of the day, excuses only get you so far and you have to make a decision.

so we're communicating again, we're listening to one another, and we've made a decision...

we've got a good thing going on here and it would be silly to call it quits so early. 

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