Tuesday, May 11, 2010

and she's off

approximately 13 days ago one of my best friends informed me that she would be leaving virginia to move to california and wanted me to drive with her out to the golden state. i have always wanted to drive cross country and always regretted i didn't do it after college. i assumed i would have to wait until i was retired to get the opportunity again. but here i am, leaving saturday, to start our 2,642 mile trek cross country to fullerton, california.

stina is my free spirit friend and has left it in my hands to plan our entire route. i'm not sure this was the best idea, considering we leave in 5 days and i only have 3 stops planned - memphis, tennessee (to see the neelys for some bbq), tucson, arizona (to see her dad) and san diego (to see the ocean and rooney).

however, i do have some things figured out:

  1. snacks for the car ride (come on, you knew that was the first thing i was going to plan)
  2. mandatory photo ops at every state sign
  3. my attire (gonna go for cotton dresses and knit sweaters)
  4. cheesy songs i must download to sing along - windows down (think tom petty, free falling)
looking at that list, i might need you to pray for us. or maybe just give us suggestions on must-see cities or attractions along the way?

(photo credit - vi.sualize.us)


  1. chippies, soob, previa, johnny baby (best CD ever), FAGS, every place on diners, drive-ins and dives you can find along the way (my new goal), mooooove those hippies, burning bush, stalking boys = recipe for best road trip ever! hahah it's going to be SO fun!

  2. this post makes me so sad...i'm supposed to be the one in the back seat holding all the snacks!

    my advice: drive the entire time so you can listen to the music you want, otherwise, with stina in control-you're raging the whole way there. also, i'll be providing you two with a sweet little package to take with you and please make sure you hold up my cardboard face in every state sign pic.

    also...i hate the neelys and i hope you get stung by a bee. you two are my world :)

  3. YES. i got a shout out. Go to Austin TX! i swear its saweet.