Tuesday, May 04, 2010

happy birthday, lobsters

call it coincidence, call it fate, call it mind boggling, friends. but the two lobsters in us sisses' lives were born within 24 hours of one another. different years, but you get the point.  we couldn't let this day pass without a shout out to our red-clawed mates.

reasons why we love lobster # 1
  • she's the only one who can actually make brother laugh out loud
  • she teaches autistic preschoolers - yello, that's enough to make you want to hug her
  • she's never afraid to speak her mind
  • her dance moves would put nicole scherzinger to shame
  • she's a very loyal lob
  • her bob is always so perfect and blonde
  • she always answers the phone, no matter what
  • her favorite pastime is snuggling with daddy (no, not her daddy)

reasons why we love lobster # 2
  • you're the scooby to my do
  • you're the buns to my honey
  • you're the sweet to my heart
  • you're the shine to my sun
  • you're the dream to my boat
  • you're the super to my star
  • you're the twinkle to my toes
  • you're my mate to my soul
  • and now you know it.
happy birthday again...hope your wishes come true.

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