Monday, June 14, 2010

wonderful wanderlust

lusting for wanderlust {for madewell}.  and now you can shop online for all the goodies too.

and these bits and pieces from wonderlust’s website sums it all up.

“this is a true story.

girl lives in new york. girl loves fashion, color, art, 5 inch heels and travel.  girl works at big fashion mags and later, huge global fashion design companies. girl travels around the world in search of the cool and the new.

girl resolves to open a shop someday in some cool place that carries only clothes that speak a global language, stuff that translates everywhere and anywhere.

girl goes to cambodia, and falls in love. she is head over 5" stiletto heels with the colors of this country, the smell of lemongrass, the sunset warming the verdant rice paddies, the yves-klein-blue shade of the sky.

girl goes back to new york, ditches her job, sells her furniture, packs a few inappropriate but necessary heels, and heads back to cambodia. spends golden dawn to glowing dusk working side-by-side and hand-to-hand with leng and her master seamstress team, tripping through the local markets to find prints and cottons that shout, “happiness!”

and the result is wanderlust, a lifestyle concept dedicated to giving girls gorgeousness, beautiful things handmade by the beautiful people of this beautiful country, beauty that easily translates to budapest, boston, battambang, bolivia, brighton or any beautiful place they call home."

lets go shopping now?

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