Thursday, March 17, 2011

step right up

every time we hire a new employee at work, the party planning committee (me and the office manager) try to host an event to welcome the newbie to the team.  i've always been a fan of a themed parties (i once threw a murder mystery holiday party), so this time we went with a carnival theme. we served all the traditional carni foods you would expect - nachos, cotton candy, popcorn and old-fashioned coke bottles. i also made rainbow fruit skewers and strawberry fruit dip for the more health-conscious. we set up a buffet table for the occasion, but unfortunately the nachos couldn't go on the table because they had to be plugged into an outlet since we served it in a fondue pot. 

here are a few pictures of the food and set-up:

the line up - minus the nachos
excuse the office chairs.
i bought these popcorn bags at party city and then taped these tags i made to them.
all i did was cut yellow card stock with fancy scissors and decorate with some sharpies.
half the popcorn we served was original and half was kettle corn.
the other half - sweet.
taste the rainbow.
fruit dip was so easy and only two ingredients - get recipe here

portion control is key for this sugary treat.
i wish i hadn't given up soda for lent or else i would have downed two of these.


  1. I miss doing parties with you!!! We had SO much fun doing them!! :)

  2. Rachael - I miss doing parties with you! It's not the same without you!