Tuesday, March 29, 2011

pizza cookies for a stranger

a couple weeks ago, my friend michelle read a blog post on i am baker. she wanted to give away 2 dozen cookies to five different people. she asked her followers to submit stories of those they thought deserved these baked treats and needed a pick-me-up in their lives. the response was incredible - she received over 165 nominations. realizing she couldn't make all these cookies herself, she reached out to the blogsphere asking if anyone would be willing to make cookies for a complete stranger. michelle and i signed up and were assigned this story:

"If I won these cookies I would send them to my Dad. My dad works in the flooring industry he is self taught in the trade and works very hard. He is now the head of a flooring company and his job is very stressful because simple mistakes cost lots of money to fix. He has had a lot of health problems due to the stress of working this job. He would like to quit his job but is waiting until after I get married in October so he can help pay for some of the wedding. After October he is planning on switching from his flooring job to making brick fire oven pizza. (It's amazingly good!) Right now my dad is having a hard time because a few people in our extended family do not support his idea of switching careers, and they tell him quite often. I would like to send him some "pizza" cookies just to let him know that I support him and to give him some encouragement." - Jaclyn

we made the cookies this weekend and shipped them today. we ended up being really happy with the final product...they were not only adorable but actually tasted delicious too. we packaged the cookies in pizza boxes to give jaclyn's dad that extra smile! we used i am baker's sugar cookie recipe and annie's eats royal icing recipe.

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  1. What an amazing gesture. Such adorable cookies and love the pizza box packaging! xx, Laura